Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Living Room Green

Most people would love to have a living room that is large and spacious, but the fact is that you can have too much space. If your living room looks stark, empty and just plain cavernous, there are many ways you can bring it down to size and transform it to a room that is comfortable, cozy and inviting. This article offers many tips and ideas for decorating an area that is a bit too spacious.
Choose the right colors
Nearly everyone knows that bright colors like white and yellow make a room look bigger. In decorating your living room, you want to avoid bright colors and choose tones that are deep and warm. Colors such as burnt orange, taupe, gold, deep red and brown shades will bring a big room down to size, and create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.
Blue and green shades also work as long as you avoid bright tones. Think forest green and deep blue when decorating a living room that is too large.
Walls don't have to be white!
For decades, homeowners have had the misconception that walls must be white, off-white or cream. This is absolutely wrong! You can add an enormous amount of interest and personality to a room by choosing darker shades like country blue, sea foam green and rusty orange. Paint baseboards and other trim a complementary or contrasting color for walls that are appealing and beautiful.
Choosing furniture for large rooms
For a living room that has too much empty space, you want to choose furniture that is bulky and over-sized. Furniture that is too sleek or streamlined and built on a smaller scale will only add to the cavernous look of the room.
Think large leather furniture with plenty of bulk or even fabrics that are deeply textured. Plaids and stripes in darker shades also help add a rustic look to the room.
How to arrange furniture so that a room looks cozy
Many people make the mistake of placing all of their furnishings against the walls, which is exactly what you want to avoid if the room is too spacious. Pull sofas, chairs and tables away from the walls, creating intimate spaces that will break up the room.
Area rugs are great for not only creating intimate, cozy spaces but also for breaking up floor space. Consider a richly textured area rug as the center of a grouping of furnishings for entertaining. If members of your family enjoy reading, watching movies or playing games, create separate spaces for these activities. Creating an area on a diagonal that isn't square with the room also adds an interesting and appealing dimension.
Large accents pull the look together
Small accents will do nothing for a large living room but make it look messy and cluttered. Choose over-sized prints and art for the walls; consider large ceramic vases for plants. Find tapestries that are large and packed with texture. Even a quilted blanket can look gorgeous when hung on a large wall!
The lighting in the room makes a huge difference as well. Instead of lighting the entire living room with bright lights, consider accent lighting in specific areas. Place the brightest lighting on one specific area of the room, so that attention is drawn to that area and the rest of the space isn't as noticeable.

Kitchen Design

Have you ever seen a kitchen design that looks so exotic, you think that you can hardly afford it? If that is your dream, you shouldn't give up on it. With a bit of creativity, you can achieve just about any design. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.
High Quality Means Low Maintenance
You should never skimp on renovation costs just so you can save a few dollars. The problem with that is you end up purchasing low quality items, which will have high maintenance costs in the long run. Therefore, all the appliances and fixtures that you install must be of the highest standards possible.
If you wish to have 30% lower cost on energy bills from you oven, you would rather opt for convection ovens (based on statistics from the Consumer Energy Center). High quality items are not only cost- effective and durable, but they also require minimal maintenance while adding an even more attractive look to your kitchen.
Strategic Renovation
If you have limited finances and must choose between two design features for your remodel, you must be able to apply some strategic thinking. This means choosing specific improvements that will add the most significant value to your kitchen. Some particular design features will produce a bigger impact in your remodel compared to others.
Therefore, the very first step, before applying any renovation, is to categorize every aspect of your renovation plan based on the most essential to the least essential. Remember that what you consider essential or non-essential would largely depend on the overall design layout you want to create. This will help you rule out the non-essential features if you do need to cut any costs.
Suitable Alternatives
Home owners may become too rigid on the choice of fixtures to apply during remodeling or installation of new kitchens. This may be because they are simply not aware of the available alternatives in the market.
Before, you undertake any renovation or kitchen installation, it would be a good idea to visit various kitchen showrooms. This gives you a sample of the wide variety of fixtures and features available for your use. You just might find a whole bunch of fixtures that are much more affordable and far better than your original choices.
Always Consider The Overall Picture
It's quite easy to become fixated on one or a few key aspects of your kitchen layout, while neglecting other seemingly in insignificant aspects. In fact, you should beware of spending excessive amounts on a few key features without doing much to improve other aspects of your kitchen layout. When you do this, you are more likely to end up having an odd-looking kitchen, rather than a uniform and appealing design.

Bedroom Design

Refurbishing any room in the house can be a little bit daunting, not to mention time-consuming and costly. Despite the disruption, costs, mess and anxiety, when the day comes that you finally walk into a finished room, with gleaming new features and a fabulous design, you will no doubt realise that it will have all been worth the effort.
Bathrooms and bedrooms are two key rooms in a home and inevitably have to be updated and modernised every now and then so that they are in-keeping with the era and remain a pleasure to be in. If you have decided that it is about time your home's interior has a little TLC breathed in to it, then take a look at the following top bathroom and bedroom design ideas and tips.
Make a small bedroom appear bigger
Most of us own a bedroom that we would ideally like to be bigger and whilst knocking down walls to make a room literally bigger might not be realistic, there are certain design 'tricks' we can utilise to make a bedroom appear bigger.
Eliminating the clutter in a bedroom will help create more space, likewise so would positioning dual-functioning items of furniture in the room, such as a sofa bed. Using two different types of flooring can also make a room appear to be deceptively bigger. Tricks like placing a rug on one side of the floor and leaving the other side exposed can generate the feeling of more space.
Light has also played a pivotal role in the perceived size of a room and in a small room try to flood as much light as possible into the room to make it appear to be larger. Decorating the ceiling can be another good way to divert the eye from the smallness and bring another dimension to a bedroom.
Children's bedrooms design tips
Children's bedrooms are one of the most the heavily redecorated rooms in the house for the simple reason that kids are eternally changing their mind about what they like and definitely don't like.
Storage should play an important role in the design of a child's bedroom so that the hordes of toys they collect can be neatly put away in trunks and cupboards instead of littered all over the carpet.
It may also be a good idea to avoid using themes in a child's bedroom, for the simple reason that the superhero they love this month might not necessarily be in favour next month!
Contemporary bathroom design ideas
A stylish and well-designed bathroom can add value to your house, not to mention create a great environment to unwind and relax in the bath after a hectic day. For a bathroom that is utterly in-keeping with 2013, opt for rectangular tiles set within regimented grids without any overlap. Bathroom wallpaper has also made a comeback this year, in a myriad of styles, colours and patterns. For an ultra sophisticated look replace a conventional basin with a square one.
Art deco
Art deco has also been resurrected this year and can be used in both bathrooms and bedrooms to create a highly glamorous and stylish look. To bring a touch of art deco to your bathroom, fit a square sink, some traditional ceramic taps and set them against an elegant plain background.
Shabby chic
Get on the highly fashionable shabby chic trail this year by placing distressed mirrors that have been flecked with grey paint on the walls of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Living Room Design

Your living room takes up a number of different roles which requires challenging decorating techniques and demands proper planning. You may want your room to cater and entertain your guests, or you might want it to be your relaxing casual space accommodating only your leisure activities for example watching TV, reading or mingling with family members. So before you begin to decorate your living room, plan out your budget and accommodate your planning according to it. This article will present your some economic ways to bring color to your living room and enhance its decoration.
Splash Your Niche
You can add a dash of color and shade by painting a single wall with a bold color. This will change the central point of your room without the help of any expensive or lavish decorating item. Niches and alcoves are perfect places to paint. A splash of some bold color which may be a darker tone of the rest of the walls or be compliment to your general color theme of the living room, is the perfect way to bring a creative change in your living room.
Toss Some Sofa Cushion
You can also add some cushions or pillows to your furniture, which adds color to your solid furniture. Bright and patterned cushions add the right color to your room furniture and also include comfort to your seating.
The Mother Nature effects
You can use the help of green plants or flowers to add not just color to your living room but also personality and fragrance. It adds a good and soothing feeling to your room. However, if you are not fond of plants inside the house or cannot take much care of the plants then you may opt for artificial flowers which only need to be dusted.
Install a Fancy Lamp
For a more classic look, add an interesting, fancy lamp inside your room. You can install electrical components inside some pot or sculpture of your choice which gives exclusiveness and personality to your room. The yellow lights play a soothing role and are immensely seductive.
Color the Floor
You can start to clear the floor by adding a colorful rug in your living room which adds texture and some fun element in the room. Using it on top of hardwood flooring or plain carpets can create an interesting effect. Try to opt for rugs which share the theme of the entire living room.
Artsy personalization
Personalize your family room in an artsy manner by adding a family photo gallery on a plain wall. Frame your photos and place them strategically on the wall to add color and uniqueness to your living room. You can further add decorative objects around the room on shelves, racks or tables. Antique objects, photos, jars of dry fruit or candies may be used.